Yoga props for home practice

The steadiest companion I have had throughout my life has been my home practice, my yoga mat. There have been days where I practiced on picnic tables and in campground bathrooms (I never touched the floor). I have used toilet paper rolls as head support in Downward facing dog; rolled off of hotel beds for Dwipada Viparita Dandasana; and configured AirBnB flats to be practice rooms. Everything is sacred when it comes to my home practice. Now, finally, after encouraging students to begin a home practice, people are finding the benefits of creating a place at home for yoga.

Now that I am teaching in the streaming environment, I can see what advantages students have in their home to help build a yoga practice. Staircases, kitchen sinks, foot stools! I love seeing people pull out pillows, towels, chairs, books, and even more yoga props. Now is a great time to stock your home with what will become your favorite furniture add-ons, bolsters, slant boards, blocks, straps, and yoga chairs. My halasana box doubles as a lamp stand.

Resources for practicing at home: Israel Avendano has been supplying the Iyengar Yoga Institute with props for years, as well as the Los Angeles YogaWorks studios. At the moment, during the pandemic, he does not ship, but he will deliver within the greater LA area. Please contact him directly:
Israel Avendano: +1.310.625.5052. You can text or call.
For wooden props such as Setubhanda benches, Viparita Karani boxes, trestles, I recommend or

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