We have arrived

Well well well.. what happened to Lisa and gang.. one week off the map.
Diwali happened. A four day holiday celebrating goodness and light vanquishing evil and the demonic energies in us and in the universe.. Diwali, now the Indian equivalent to our Christmas with holiday gift giving, pre-holiday sales and shopping sprees, sweets galore and, the one definitively different characteristic, which made us high tale it down to Goa, is the fire crackers. For 48 hours, children of all ages set off the most hair raising fireworks imaginable. Boom, bang, pop, sizzle, bang, jump jump jump. The city has this haze of sulfur that settles over the otherwise festive preparations of Rangoli –

So, off to Goa we went, five days in the sun and sand, plenty of time to acclimate to the pollution, even in Goa. I think my sinuses decided to put a barrier up between me and the environment. Only now, two weeks later, can I breath easily!

We are now in Pune, classes are not too crowded, and great. Guruji practices in the morning, we practice, we all practice under the sacred rooftop at the Institute. I will begin adding notes soon..

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