Śīrṣāsana – King of Asanas

Here’s a 5-minute video of many of variations available to us in sirsasana – the king of asanas:

On Turning 60

On my 40th birthday, I did 108 Chakrasanas. On my 60th, my goal was 54. Here’s my attempt:

An Introduction to Sutrasana

Below is a short (5-min) video on Sutrasana – a synthesis of classic literature and teachings with asana.

Yoga Demo in Russia

Below is a video of my yoga demonstration at the 3rd International Festival of Movement and Dance, in Yaroslavl, Russia on August 29th, 1998. Music is the Gayatri Mantra, by Deva Premal. This video was shot by a member of the audience on their phone, and I was very fortunate to have received a copy.

1998 was the first year that yoga was introduced at this performance oriented conference.  I was also asked to teach a few classes to some of the participants. Many of the Russian students explained that prior to perestroika, their yoga experience was limited to basement classes. As an instructor, my main challenge was to help them trust their body and their breath, as they were so accustomed to performing and following orders.

Ultimately, it was a deeply satisfying experience.

6 Responses to Videos

  1. popsi says:

    Lisa, this video and the music is beautifully choreographed! Your demonstration is amazing. Namaste!

  2. kara thorsen says:

    So so beautiful you are a testament to the practice and an exquisite exhibition of the art and science of yoga. I see BKS in every cell of your body! Bravo!

  3. Ruth McReynolds says:

    You are a light of compassion and meet people where they are. 🙂 Appreciate all the care and lovingkindness you show people and which is manifested in your teaching yoga (saw your wonderful technique in CRS DvD).

    • lisa says:

      Hi Ruth, how very kind. Everyone shines some light, when we remember to pause for a moment and tune into the qualities we would value seeing more of in the world. Thank you!

  4. Maria Filis says:

    Incredibly beautiful and inspiring! Thank you Lisa!

  5. Francesca Nguyen says:

    You are truly amazing and inspiring. Thank you Lisa for simply being you 🙂

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