To Guruji

The sky is great, vast
The sea is deep, and mighty
Guruji, your Sadhana was life itself
The thorns and roses
The fragile knees and sibilant exhalations
The cry of painful release and sighs of relief
Students leaving medical class
Playful and joyous with your great granddaughter
Amidst peals of laughter, gently taking her upside down
Sitting at your desk in the library, coffee in the afternoon
Dictating your advice and instructions to teachers worldwide
Politely receiving guests, graciously greeting friends
Accepting salutations and flowers in the lobby
So many coming from France, Israel, China … everywhere
And the moments of complete rapture
Listening to you explain the finer points of Tadasana
Your white dhoti, golden trim sweeping the asana floor
Preparing for practice, timer in place, Sirsasana
Wherever I positioned my mat, whether I could see you or not
You knew. The days to be kind, the days to be firm
Fearless in the face of my illness
You steered me through the fading of my health
To a practice that became my resurrection
Pranams Guruji. Once I found myself flat on my stomach
Outstretched with my hands touching your feet
Not sure how I got there, but it was tender
Your eyes (and eyebrows)!
Your feet!

“To live spiritually is to live in the present moment.”  –Tree of Yoga

May my Sadhana be a tribute and a celebration to you, Guruji
May I live fully in the present moment

While the sky is great, and vast
So is my heart
And while the sea is deep and mighty
So are you, Guruji
Love overflowing…

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2 Responses to To Guruji

  1. eleonora says:

    Thank you Lisa, God is with you (and i have you in my heart)
    (you may remember me….i am from Argentina)
    biggest hug,e.

  2. Ruth says:

    The earthly body of One Light who lit innumerable lights is gone…..but the innumerable lights he lit make a sun that shines on the world. Thank you, Guruji.

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