Stress and Immunity: Building resilience with Iyengar Yoga

Stress and Immunity: Building resilience with Iyengar Yoga, a virtual workshop for our times. Saturday and Sunday December 10th & 11th, 10am to 1pm PST. All levels welcome. Presented by Iyengar Yoga Therapeutics with senior certified Iyengar teacher Lisa Walford and Alyson Ross, PhD, RN, CIYT.

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Lisa was gifted with studying under Guruji Iyengar after she was diagnosed with HIV in 1986. Alyson worked for over a decade at the NIH as a stress researcher and has published extensively on the use of mind-body techniques in stress reduction. Together they will guide you through the science and yoga sequences to understand and feel how profound the healing process can be.

BKS Iyengar explained that what we do for ourselves when we are feeling depleted is different than what we must do to help strengthen our inner resources when we are in good health. Being pro-active about our wellbeing, physical, biological, energetically and emotionally is essential if we hope to live a satisfying life. The right effort rewards us on so many levels!

Join us and learn the fundamentals from both the Western and Yogic perspectives on the immune system and the impact of stress on our physiology and ability to maintain inner equilibrium. Principals in yoga asana to enhance inner resilience emotionally and physically are equally essential and will include sequences that Guruji Iyengar suggested for both new and experienced students.

Immune means protected, unburdened. In current times this concept takes on many dimensions: immune to gossip and slander or resistant to toxins and infection. And when we immunize ourselves – biologically through vaccines or emotionally through meditation and contemplative work – it is to strengthen our inner defenses so that we can adapt and protect against intruders – pathogens and reactive behavior. We can align and encourage our body’s innate resources to heal.

We have the tools, but do we have the skill? The Bhagavad Gita defines yoga as skillful action and balance in all things, equilibrium, and equanimity. What we do matters, and what we don’t do matters. This workshop explores the difference between a restful practice and a practice that restores inner equilibrium while enhancing core strength (core meaning our deepest root and most essential ability to restore health).

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