Salute the sun on Sunday, August 17th at IYILA

Lisa in Virabhadrasana ISurya Namaskar gives mobility, alertness, speed, sharpness and freedom while developing will power and physical strength. -Śri Geeta Iyengar

Join me this Sunday, August 17th at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of Los Angeles for a workshop where we will refine each stage of the cycle and target the core, shoulder, and back alignment necessary to practice effectively. Modifications are plentiful and props will support and challenge the practice.

In closing, we’ll chant the Surya mantras (names of the sun). Traditionally, Surya Namaskar, was a daily prayer of movement and mantra performed at dawn. The circular choreography of the sequence rides the wave of the breath, opening the chest and heart and then bowing down to the earth. The Surya mantras that accompany each cycle embody up lifting qualities that, when chanted and reflected upon, become deeply personal and inspiring. The 12 Surya mantras are:

  1. Oṁ Mitrāya Namaḥ : Salutations to the friend in all
  2. Oṁ Ravaye Namaḥ : Salutations to the Shining One, pure, bright
  3. Oṁ Sūryāya Namaḥ : Salutations to the Source of Creation, creativity
  4. Oṁ Bhānave Namaḥ : Salutations to the One who Illumines, brings insight
  5. Oṁ Khagaya Namaḥ : Salutations to the One who moves through the sky, time
  6. Oṁ Pūṣṇe Namaḥ : Salutations to the Giver of strength and nourishment
  7. Oṁ Hiraṇyagarbhāya Namaḥ : Salutations to the golden cosmic womb, feminine
  8. Oṁ Marīcaye Namaḥ : Salutations to the rays of the Sun
  9. Oṁ Ādityāya Namaḥ : Salutations to the Infinite Cosmic Mother, caring
  10. Oṁ Savitre Namaḥ : Salutations to the Rising Sun, new beginnings, dawn
  11. Oṁ Arkāya Namaḥ : Salutations to the Source of Life Energy, courage
  12. Oṁ Bhāskarāya Namaḥ : Salutations to the One who leads to Enlightenment

Oṁ Śrī Savitri Surya Narayanaya Namaḥ

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