Riding the Sea of Change – Tri-Yoga Soho London – June 2nd – 4th

Lisa Walford teaching at Tri YogaIt’s always gratifying to be part of building a community. Tri-Yoga has been my home in London for the last three years, and I look forward to seeing everyone again. This year’s workshops touch on themes that impact us all in very direct ways.

These are turbulent times. In such conditions we call upon our integrity, resolve, actions and insight to guide us through the storms and uncertainty. The story in the Bhagavad Gita, that of depressed and dejected Arjuna’s quest for wisdom and insight, offers a poignant metaphor for us today. “Here (in the yoga doctrine of practice), no effort is lost, nor is any loss of progress found (backsliding). Even a little of this discipline protects one from great danger.” 2.40

These workshops apply the language of asana and Iyengar Yoga to explore the practices described in the Gita; that of service, wisdom, devotion, and meditation. We practice first to serve the health of our bodies; we cultivate wisdom so that we may live gratifying lives; and we embrace a devotional attitude in practice so that any effort becomes an offering. Service is tapas, discipline; the daily work to maintain health. Wisdom is Svadhyaya, studying what heals the heart and brings clarity and courage into life. Devotion is Isvaraprandhanani, recognizing the underlying harmony in all things around us. These are the tools that Arjuna and yogis everywhere find helpful throughout life.

I look forward to sharing these inspirations with you all. Please join us June 2nd – 4th at Tri Yoga Soho, London. For more info, or to sign-up, please visit here.

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  1. Matthew Lake says:

    I really have to get back into Yoga again. It made me feel really good when I was consistently doing it a few years back. I don’t know why I stopped… :/

    I’ve been doing CR for about 15 years now (I started when I was 18), and definitely felt that Yoga was a great compliment to the diet and that it really helped my anxiety I was having at the time. Also felt that my overall well-being was better. And I definitely had a better posture!

    I think I’ll start again tomorrow! 🙂

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