Pranayama Instruction

2020 is a cathartic year, a game changer. I am sure that each of you has endured some event in your life that seemed to put the world upside down; wherein all your fantasies or plans for the future were suddenly called into question. For some it is a health issue, for others financial, marriage, children. Now, we have a collective moment of seeming chaos. Something will emerge; it seems inevitable at this point that we cannot go back to “same old same old”. We have reached a tipping point.

So, how to prepare. Individually we must be strong, calm, clear headed and kind hearted. To navigate a ship as big as our economic and political system takes time. I would hope that we act locally even as we donate, sign petitions, vote, and do whatever we need to do to keep the winds of change moving. Friends in Santa Monica showed up to clean shattered glass, vandalized stores, to remove graffiti, and to show solidarity. Little things lead to bigger things as long as we keep up the practice.

Which brings me to pranayama practice. Little things lead to bigger things. I find that my daily pranayama practice supports my physical, emotional and mental health and helps me prepare for another day. The practice lightens and lights up the day.

Attached is the set-ups that I will use for this week and for next week’s practice. Join me! Visit Wednesdays at 7:30am PT for pranayama, and Fridays at 9:00am PT for Iyengar 2-3 asana.

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  1. Jeff Perlman says:

    Lisa, I miss getting to practice with you and thank you for your ongoing inspiration, and this setup. Hope to see you soon. Jeff P.

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