It was a particularly quiet Sunday morning, soft light. Initially I allow the monkey mind loose to satisfy its need to wander. After a few minutes I generally tire of that and find myself naturally either being drawn to my breath or opening to sound.

Listening involves every cell in my body; as if I were to become like the salt in the ocean, spreading everywhere equally. There is no center, no I, just presence. It is an active state, opening, listening. Perhaps there is a resonance in all things; call it prana, Shakti, grace. When we bring our palms together in Namaste to say “the light in me sees the light in you”; perhaps we can also listen with the heart as well as the ear, welcome life, and open to all experience.

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  1. Lisbeth Fritz says:

    Day 5 Meditation Challenge – Stepping into the Unknown
    The Refrigerator. So many sounds within the one. Like the human spirit, it contains multitudes. A whirring cricket, a buzzing bee a trickling stream? But then I “Know” it’s just the refrigerator. How much of what I “know” and think I “know” shapes my reality? I think I will step into the unknown, it’s so much more interesting. Who knows perhaps it is a whirring cricket, a buzzing bee and I’ll find myself walking by a trickling stream:-)

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