Effective Communication and the Business of Yoga

The first time I heard the term “industry of yoga” was in 2004. It was a portent of what was to come. I had to upscale my involvement with marketing, media, and management. Fortunately, now there are resources to help.  Join me along with Lynann Politte (manager & promoter of yoga teachers) and eight other highly experienced yoga experts in a one of a kind online experience designed specifically for yoga teachers who are serious about creating and growing profitable businesses that allow them to increase their reach and teachings in a simple and authentic way. Click 2016 BtE Teacher Marketing Slides - Lisa Walford_Square #1 for more info.

  • March 1st – Enrollment opens.
  • March 31st — FINAL day for registration.
  • April 1st — BtE course begins.

This “elephant” is what we often hesitate to talk about. A big part of management and marketing has to do with communication. I have served on several Boards for non-profit organizations as well as worked with management for multi-studio corporations and found effective communication is a fundamental skill. Once words leave your mouth, you cannot retrieve them, unlike an asana which you can refine and practice the next day. I found that the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali held valuable keys to organizing the internal voices so that I could express myself with clarity and compassion.

Taking the time to continually nurture your business the way you do your teachings and practice is fundamental to finding ease, flow, expansion and success in your own life and what you offer to the world.

 offers the insight and knowledge direct from over 221 years of combined experience teaching yoga and running yoga businesses in the modern world. Over the course of 90 days you will receive wisdom, tips, tools, mentoring, exercises, personalized feedback and more. My colleague Lynann Politte will personally guide, support and inspire you on your unique path as a yogipreneure from exactly where you are.

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