Down for 24 hours

So it must have been the chutney that came with the dhokla. Dhokla, you may ask? An Indian steamed bread, made of chickpea flour and curry leaves that is mildly spiced… served with spicy mint chutney. I devoured quite a bit of the latter that had been in the fridge for 2 days… mistake! I was out for 36 hours with food poisoning. No details necessary, I am grateful for coconut water and the movies we watched on my computer in the safety zone under the mosquito net… yes, life is different here! Back to blogging soon.

Unfortunately, I have been informed that is not appropriate to post sequences without first running them by Geetaji, and she is much too busy for me to approach. So I will limit myself to info from the classes on asanas as well as philosophy. As you all know, it is not so much what is taught, as how it is taught, so the sequence without the focal point for each asana is like a picture that is out of focus, if you get the analogy.

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