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For Peace

Dear friends.. Yesterday I had an interesting discussion with a few friends. I found myself mentioning the “culture of nature”, referring to being deeply engaged and fully present with nature. My phrase “culture of nature” seemed odd to some, and we … Continue reading

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Grief: how it deepens our common humanity. Yoga: how we evolve through grief

Please join me on Saturday April 2nd, 2:00p – 6:15p PDT for a workshop I am teaching titled Yoga for Grief, via Zoom. Signup details are below. What do we do when confronted with suffering, when we are disillusioned with life, … Continue reading

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In-studio workshop @ CFY! Jan 8-9 – 1:30p – Join Us!

The Rhythm of the Universe, HaTha Yoga The breathing universe: Inherent in Surya Namaskar, entering and exiting a pose, from the opening Tadasana to the closing Savasana, the rhythm of life beats through every move we make and every breath … Continue reading

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Center for Yoga, Reborn

Opening day, the inaugural class at our rechristened Center for Yoga. As I sat before forty students, all masked, all vaccinated, all eager to be together, eager to begin again; I realized that this was not so much about “my” … Continue reading

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2020 into 2021

2020 – the year that upended our lives. It turned me topsy turvy, and landed me in a new state, both figuratively and literally. 2020 hit us as we were off doing other things, unsuspecting, adrift in our small stories. … Continue reading

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Yoga Gives Back, join me Nov 21

Yoga Gives Back.. It is the time of year when my mailbox is filled with organizations asked for donations. I have a few causes, across a very diverse spectrum, that I donate to regularly. And this year I am supporting … Continue reading

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Requiem* for the Iyengar Yoga Institute of Los Angeles

Whenever I pause before leading the invocation in the opening moments of class, I visualize the statue of Patañjali at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune. In my imagination, to the right of Patañjali are my teachers who no longer … Continue reading

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Pranayama Instruction

2020 is a cathartic year, a game changer. I am sure that each of you has endured some event in your life that seemed to put the world upside down; wherein all your fantasies or plans for the future were … Continue reading

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Yoga props for home practice

The steadiest companion I have had throughout my life has been my home practice, my yoga mat. There have been days where I practiced on picnic tables and in campground bathrooms (I never touched the floor). I have used toilet … Continue reading

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The potency of pranayama to bring poise and peace

Wonderful people, tender people, courageous people, weary people, you, and you, and me. I am reading inspirational verses from people who never knew they could write, or pray, or stand up and shout truth to power, or get down and … Continue reading

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