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The movie How To Live Forever is out!

A fascinating and very personal look at the spectrum of our attitudes on aging. This is not a science movie. Rather, it is one man’s quest to come to terms with a general preoccupation that we all have with our … Continue reading

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The 2nd edition of The Longevity Diet is out now

You can view parts of my book, The Longevity Diet, on Google Books, or get it on Amazon, where it has received good reviews. There’s even a Kindle version, which will also play on the iPhone, using the free Kindle app. This edition is the culumation … Continue reading

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My new book The Longevity Diet is now available

Update: The second edition is out! Read about what’s in the new edition here. It is practical and conversational introduction to the scientific evidence and application of Calorie Restriction. It also has a small section on yoga, and stress reduction, which are … Continue reading

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