Casey Health Institute Iyengar Yoga TTP

chi-logoIntegrated health care centers are a rapidly emerging model to compliment traditional medical treatment. Major universities and hospitals are incorporating a holistic approach to wellness, including yoga.

The Casey Health Institute will offer an Iyengar teacher training program and currently features a fully equipped Iyengar studio to serve its patients. Join myself, Kathleen Pringle, Marla Apt and John Schumacher for this exciting program!

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  1. Barbara Feuer says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Alas, I’m looking for CHI here in SaMo/LA, & haven’t had any luck yet. Both Maarten & my primary care physicians (Andrew Wong before he left to start his own practice/dr. Davis, mind) are sorely missed! I’ve Googled, Yelped, asked on neighborhood listserv, but to no avail.
    2 I found don’t take insurance, so we were very spoiled @ Chi!
    I had thought of asking you, & figured I’d ask if you know of any MD’s here who are integrative doc’s, & would get any suggestions @ tomorrow’s class.
    Thanks for any input,

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