ABC of Abdominal Integration, Alignment and Support

When we think of the belly, we generally think of physical, or
“core” strength. A deeper look at the Yoga Sutras and at how
contemporary medicine views the abdominal area will reveal a
profound nexus of body/mind connections.

By samyama on the navel, the yogi acquires perfect knowledge
of the disposition of the human body.
-Sutra III.30. Guruji further
states, in his commentary on this sutra: The navel is considered
to be the pivot of the sympathetic, and the brain of the
parasympathetic nervous system. Medicine calls the “gut brain”
a second brain; a complex independent nervous system that
lines the gastrointestinal tract that can impact health and wellbeing.

In this workshop we will practice asanas and breathing and see
how both can sooth and strengthen the physical core and learn
the interplay between the brain, the gut, and the nervous system.

Six months Iyengar style yoga experience required.

Saturday, November 22, 2014
1:00 – 3:30 pm
Ventura Yoga Studio
110 N. Olive Street, Suite P
Ventura, CA 90031
(805) 643-5979

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