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A prop is first and foremost a teacher

This was the first afternoon presentation of the conference. Abhijata introduced the session with images of the many ways that we support and participate with one another. We seek support to grow, for guidance (a child and teacher), for emotional … Continue reading

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Gravity and the heart

Guruji’s writings will seed lifetimes of contemplation. This summary of Eddy Marks’ talk at Yoganushasanam includes my own midnight musings. “Intelligence is in every cell in the body, but dormant. You have to learn how to tap it.” Some of … Continue reading

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Yoganushasanam 2015: Exposition on Quotes by Guruji

Inspiration is precious, whenever it presents itself. Guruji’s life story, his practice, his teachings, and his pithy sayings will continue to stimulate us to aspire and study. Now that he no longer graces us in this material plane, we can … Continue reading

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Reflections from Pune: Yoganushasanam conference

The second Yoganushasanam conference opened with a majestic invocation by Guruji’s personal priest, Nataraj Shastri. Geeta then explained the relevance of this prayer by summarizing Ashtanga Yoga, and the eight petals of the Yoga sadhana. The prayer described how the … Continue reading

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