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On Turning Sixty

Inevitable. Initiation. Another cycle, another spiral. What am I turning toward? Choice. Choice earned through reflection. In the Vedas the Ashramas, or stages of life, support an understanding of cycles of growth; integration into community and culture, and the individual … Continue reading

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Casey Health Institute Iyengar Yoga TTP

Integrated health care centers are a rapidly emerging model to compliment traditional medical treatment. Major universities and hospitals are incorporating a holistic approach to wellness, including yoga. The Casey Health Institute will offer an Iyengar teacher training program and currently … Continue reading

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My Reflections After 30 Years of Practice

What does it mean to live with commitment to the Yaugika mind while engaged as a householder in the modern world? The universal principles listed in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali invite us to live with respect, to live simply, … Continue reading

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Body Thy Shrine, Yoga Thy Light

What is it about taking a class with Guruji or Geetaji that makes us feel so good? Why did Guruji say that his body is a bow, his asanas are the arrow, and the soul is the target? Why did … Continue reading

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The Yaugika Mind and Parivrtta Parsvakonasana

I have often thought that our greatest gift, as a species, is our ability to adapt. In earlier eras, we adapted through our ingenuity. We learned to use fire, to plant and to harvest, to extend our productivity through the … Continue reading

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The Plantain Leaf and the Mirror

The fourth day of the intensive. From the beginning Geetaji has been gearing us toward pranayama. “To do pranayama you must be light in the body, because the Pancha Pranas are within, and you have to take care of that … Continue reading

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A momentous event. The power of conviction, commitment, a spiritual life practice, what we in the world of yoga call Sadhana. “As Savasana has to be known to do pranayama, the asanas must be known to do Savasana. In this … Continue reading

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Iyengar Yoga Basics for Teachers – Feb. 6th – 8th, 2015 in Santa Barbara

Why… Alignment and precision in asana guide the student to connect from the foundation of each pose to the core strength in the body. Postures are not shapes to be put onto a body; rather they are energetic fluid structures latent within … Continue reading

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