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blankSoy is a chameleon amongst foods. Available in many commercially prepared forms from sausages to soy milk, from cheesecake to chili, in salad dressings and on shish-kabob skewers, soy products are now easy to find and more familiar to use. Our refridgerator is stocked with tofu for sauces, shakes, salads; and with tempeh for broiling, grilling, and stir fries. To introduce you to the large variety of soy, we've created and collected recipes which include all of the soy foods listed below. RECIPES
blank For information on the nutritive benefits of soy, see our page on soybeans and for a complete nutritional profile, see soy food data .

Here follows an introduction to the many faces of the simple soybean.
blank TOFU
blank TEMPEH
blank SOY MILK
blank CHEESE
blank FLOUR
blank MISO

WHOLE SOYBEANS: Whole soybeans contain 40 percent protein and are a good souce of fiber. Two ounces (56 grams) of soybeans contain only 100 calories, 18% of one's RDA's for protein, 20% for iron, 40% for vitamin E. Two ounces can easily be added to any grain dish, or mixed in with another bean for added nutritive values. Prepare soybeans as with other dried beans, soak for eight hours or overnight.
Black and White Refried Beans Vegetable Pate with Velvet Sauce FRESH GREEN SOYBEANS: Known as Eda-mame in Japan, are the whole bean still in the pod. Sold frozen and often in sushi restaurants (you'll have to ask for it), eda-mame is delicious, sweet, tender, and fun to eat. I prefer to take the bean out of the pod to eat.
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TOFU: Probably the best known of all soy foods, tofu is the most versatile. In recipes, it acts like a sponge, absorbing the flavors of the other ingredients. You'll find it in the fresh produce section of most supermarkets. Tofu products such as cheese (fat-free, only 40 calories per ounce), luncheon "white meats" flavored in chicken, ham, beef, soy dogs and sausages, the lean bacon, and ice cream give the newcomer practically every food group to choose from. While many of these meat analogos, or mock meat varieties are healthy choices, check for their fat, cholesterol and calorie values. Some are laden with additives and preservatives.
Similar to cheese, tofu is made from soy milk by adding a coagulating agent to separate the curds and whey. The curds are then pressed into blocks, stored in water, and refridgerated. Vacuum packed tofu needs no refridgeration untill opened, when it should also be stored in water. To prolong storage and to insure good taste, change the soak water daily. Once open, tofu will last for up to five days in the refridgerator.
Tofu products are not necessarily low fat foods, so read labels carefully for the percentage of calories from fat. Depending on the brand and the variety, a three ounce serving of tofu may contain anywhere from 50 to 120 calories. The brands that use calcium sulfate as the coagulating agent are good sources of calcium, with up to 150 milligrams in three ounces (the same as a half a cup of milk).
Tofu comes in firm, extra-firm, soft, and low-fat varieties. In general, the firmer varieties are higher in protein, fat and calcium. Extra-firm is excellent cubed in stir fry, crumbled in salads or chili, marinaded in sandwiches, and in general usefull in many recipes as an alternative to meat.
The soft or silken tofu makes an excellent creamy base for soups, sauces, salad dressings, "mock" cheesecake, and mock egg dishes such as scrambled tofu or egg salad.
Try our French Toast
Recipes This web site is a community generated database of recipes. It features just under 100 tofu dishes. Most are not low-fat, but with the tips in THE ANTI AGING PLAN on low-fat cooking,you can modify accordingly. There is no nutrient breakdown for these recipes.

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TEMPEH: Tempeh's chewy texture and hardy taste make it a perfect meat alternative. Originating in Indonesia 2,000 years ago, tempeh is made from whole cooked soybeans which are fermented. Resulting from this fermentation process, tempeh is a rare vegetarian source for vitamin B12 (there is some debate as to wether this form of B12 is analogous to an animal source or, perhaps, not). A three ounce serving contains only 165 calories, 15 grams of protein (compared to 6 grams in one egg), and provides 45 % of the Recommended Daily Allowances for vitamin B12.
Usually sold in 6 or 8 ounce packages, and often frozen, you'll find it in Teriyaki, Marinaded, Vegetable, and Sweet and Sour flavors. Fresh tempeh can keep in the refridgerator for about 10 days. Tempeh can be grilled, fried or steamed, grated into salads or used in chili. It is an excellent stand in for ground beef in sauces, enchiladas and burgers. If the flavor seems strong, poach it before using in your recipes (although we like it right out of the package). . RECIPE
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SOY MILK: Soy milk is made by grinding and pressing soaked, cooked soybeans. While valuable to people who are allergic to dairy products; it is also perhaps the most convenient way to include soy in your diet. Soy milk can be substituted for milk in cereals, shakes, soups, sauces, puddings and souffles.
Soy milk is available in plain, whole, low and non-fat as well as vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavors. Taste varies from brand to brand, so buy a few and sample both low and non- fat soy milk. Ice cold or used in hot chocolate, it is very nourishing and refreshing.
SOY CHEESE: My personal favorite, soy cheese works really well when briefly heated over corn chips (baked, no added oil). Serve with a little salsa, black bean dip, or our Asparagus Guacamole for delicious nachos.
Choose between regular and non-fat varieties of cheddar, mozzarella, monterey jack, jalapeno, and swiss. Use it in pizza, sandwiches, lasagne and mexican foods.
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SOY FLOUR: Soybeans are ground and roasted into a nutty flavored flour. Substitute up to 25% of the flour in any recipe with soy (brownies work particularly well). Soy does not contain any gluten, and therefore should be a complement to other flours in yeast-raised recipes. Soy flour can also be used as a thickener for gravies and sauces. See our recipe for Mock Turkey Gravy.
MISO: While many people are familiar with miso as the miso soup served before eating sushi, miso is really a fermented soybean paste widely used in Japan. It is used to flavor salad dressings, marinades, and sauces. The sodium content in miso is quite high, and should be used sparingly by those concerned. It also has 510 milligrams of sodium, 20% of the RDA's. A tablespoon of miso has 40 calories, very little fat.
Miso is available in several varities that vary in color, taste, and saltiness. Light, or yellow miso is sweet and less salty than darker miso and is often used in salad dressings. A quarter cup of red miso (barley included) in a quart of water makes a terrific soup stock.
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TEXTURED SOY (VEGETABLE) PROTEIN: TSP may be the most invisible way to initiate soy as an alternative into traditional ground beef recipes. If you are just introducing soy to your family, TSP, when rehydrated, can replace up to 50% of ground beef in a meatloaf, chili, or spaghetti sauce. Textured Soy Protein is marketed dry and has a texture similar to granola. It is made from compressed soy flour. High in isoflavones, protein, calcium, iron and zinc, TSP is low in calories and fat.
SOY SAUCE: Choose only the low-sodium brands. However, soy sauce does not contain isoflavones. Use it sparingly as a condiment, in marinades, or to flavor stir-fries.

To Introduce soy foods gradually into your recipes and meal planning try these:

- For salad dressings, mix one part soft tofu, or use tofu instead of yogurt or sour cream. - Crumble firm tofu into salads, steamed vegetables, soups, stews, and casseroles. - In baking, use soft tofu in a one-to-one proportion as a substitute for sour cream. - Replace up to 20 percent of the flour in any given recipe with soy flour. - Use soft tofu instead of part of the milk in a breakfast shake. - Crumble firm tofu and prepare mock egg salad sandwiches. - As overcooking softens tofu, add firm marinated tofu to stir fries at the last minute.

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