Maximum Lifespan, by Roy L. Walford, M.D.
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Maximum Lifespan

Roy L. Walford, M.D.


In Maximum Life Span, Dr. Roy L. Walford magnificently combines clear, expert information on life extension with an engaging writing style. Here you will find penetrating discussions of the biology of aging and what we may can do to combat it. You will also find a cultural investigation of the myths of aging, an accessible philosophical and sociological look at our transition to a long-living society, all enriched by Dr. Walford's experiences in the lab and around the world.

Maximum Life Span explains how to think clearly about life span (distinguishing average from maximum life span, understanding survival curves, and patterns of aging). The book covers the history of attempts to understand aging, which aging theories Dr. Walford finds most plausible, the powerful effects of calorie restriction on aging, the role of body temperature, the state of the art in practical life extension, and future breakthrough possibilities. Appendices give the nutritive values of food and menus and recipes. Maximum Life Span provides a unique and powerful understanding of aging and what to do about it.

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