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New York: Marlowe & Company, reissued 2005
  • blankGroundbreaking results from Biosphere 2, presented here for the first time to a general audience.
  • An eating plan based on scientific principles of reduced calorie intake balanced by emphasizing highly nutritious ingredients.
  • An eating plan that can be used as a weight loss program or as a nutritious enhancement of one's current diet.
  • Freezing instructions to reduce preparation time.
  • Recipes presented in alternative vegetarian and nonvegetarian versions.
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New York: Marlowe & Company, 2000

blankDr Walford's newly revised and updated classic:
  • includes information on the primate research conducted at the National Institute of Aging
  • more detail on the Biosphere research and its applicability to humans
  • new chapter on supplements
  • an update on Biomarkers, tests to request, and the mechanisms involved
  • 14 newly designed days on CR
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Brian M Delaney & Lisa Walford: New York: Marlowe & Company, 2005.

blankMedical science is right now reaching a major breakthrough in extending the human life span -- and the span of years we stay active, healthy, and young.

blankBrian M Delaney and Lisa Walford explain in simple terms why the National Institutes of Health and Aging, the American Heart Association, and the American Diabetes Foundation are conducting research on CR. Delaney and Walford give you simple ways to implement this program. Amazon
The Retardation of Aging and Disease by Dietary Restriction (with Richard Weindruch, Ph.D.)
1988, Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, Illinois.

CONTENTS: Ch.1: An Overview. Introduction; the Goals of Gerontology, Strategies for Increasing LS; Five Historical Phases of DR Research; Statistical Treatment of Data; Summary.
Ch.2: Dietary Restriction. Effects on Survivorship: Introduction; Analysis of Survivorship; Studies in Invertebrates; Studies in Vertebrates.
Ch.3: Dietary Restriction: Effects on Disease. Spontaneous Diseases; Induced Diseases.
Ch.4: Dietary Restriction: Effects on Biological Parameters. Molecular Parameters; Immunologic Parameters; Physiologic Parameters; Learning and Behavorial Parameters.
Ch.5: Mechanisms: How Does Dietary Restriction Retard Aging? Evolutionary Perspective; Energy Metabolism; Body Temperature; Protein Synthesis, DNA, Chromatin, Gene Expression, DNA Repair; Immunologic Interpretation; The Basal/Induced Activity Hypothesis; Systems Analysis; Conclusion and Interpretations.
Ch.6: Prospects for Retarding Human Aging by Dietary Restriction. Proof and Probability in Medical Practice; Professional "Ageism"; Evidence and Conjecture in Favor of the Proposition; Evidence and Conjectures Against the Proposition; Level of Restriction and Methodology Appropriate for a Human Study; Potential Dangers and/or Disadvantages of DR for Humans; Potential Benefits of DR Besides LS Extension; Social Effects of LS Extension; Research Needs and Recommendations for Human Studies. Bibliography. Abbreviations. Index.
Buy the first three books: The Anti-Aging Plan, The 120-Year Diet, and Maximum Lifespan, for a thorough understanding of the theory and practice of scientific life extension. The three books complement one another: Maximum Lifespan provides a highly readable overview of life extension science as well as looking at the cultural and philosophical ideas pro and con living longer. The 120-Year Diet focuses on the strongly beneficial effects of restricting calories while maintaining excellent nutrition. This book is packed with valuable information about nutrition, supplementation, exercise, and practical means of avoiding dying. The Anti-Aging Plan provides a practical guide to changing your diet. It's a perfect complement to Dr. Walford's Interactive Diet Planner software.