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The Anti-Aging Plan

Roy L. Walford, M.D. & Lisa Walford


Book 1: Strategies
Chapter 1: The Biosphere Experience
Chapter 2: Extending Your Healthy Years
Chapter 3: The Caloric Limitation Principle
Chapter 4: Health Markers
Chapter 5: Getting Started
Chapter 6: Understanding Nutrition
Chapter 7: Seven Simple Steps

Book Two: Recipes
Chapter 8: Supplies and Basic Equipment
Chapter 9: Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts
Chapter 10: The Megameals
Chapter 11: Free-Choice Recipes

Glossary of Foods
Appendix A: Special Food Sources
Appendix B: Cooking with a Personal Computer
Appendix C: Sample Menus
Appendix D: Bibliography Index

The Anti-Aging Plan is the first book by Roy L. Walford, M.D. since he completed his stint as physician of the Biosphere 2 team, and includes the startling results of that experience: After only six months, average weight decreased by 26 pounds in men, by 15 pounds in women, and cholesterol levels dropped by 68 points, from average levels of 191 to 123. Blood pressure levels dropped from an average of 110/75 to 90/58 after only three months! No other sustainable diet has ever been shown to produce changes as dramatic as these.

In Book One of The Anti-Aging Plan, Dr. Walford shows how the principles of nutrient-rich calorie limitation can be applied to your everyday dietary habits and nutritional needs. Then in Book Two, the Walfords (Roy together with his daughter Lisa, a chef and yoga instructor) offer over a hundred nutrient-rich and delicious recipes with an international flair—from Mexican tostadas to Mu Shu with vegetables or chicken. Each recipe has undergone a computer analysis to maximize its nutritional benefits by adding key highly nutritious foods.

The Anti-Aging Plan features:

  • Groundbreaking results from Biosphere 2, presented here for the first time to a general audience.
  • An eating plan based on scientific principles of reduced calorie intake balanced by emphasizing highly nutritious ingredients.
  • An eating plan that can be used as a weight loss program or as a nutritious enhancement of one's current diet.
  • Freezing instructions to reduce preparation time.
  • Recipes presented in alternative vegetarian and nonvegetarian versions.

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