Beyond The 120-Year Diet, by Roy L. Walford, M.D.

Beyond The 120-Year Diet, 2000

Roy L. Walford, M.D.

from the 2000 version :Chapter 1: Better Health and Greater Longevity
Chapter 2: Gauging Aging: What is Your Biologic Age?
Chapter 3: Scientific Background of the High/Low Diet: The Animal Evidence
Chapter 4: The High/Low Diet for Humans: First Principles
Chapter 5: Prevent What Is Going to Kill You
Chapter 6: The Complex Philosophy of Supplementation
Chapter 7: Practical Supplementation
Chapter 8: The Size of Exercise: How Much Is Too Little and Too Much
Chapter 9: The Whole Program
Chapter 10: Foods and Tips for a High/Low Cuisine

Appendix A: Food Combinations and Tasty Menus for the Healthiest 20 Days of Your Life.
Appendix B: Nutritive Values of the Best Foods

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Beyond The 120 Year Diet, published in 2000, remains a classic resource and introduction to the principals behind caloric restriction and optimal nutrition. Based on over twenty years of research, this is Dr. Walford's first popular book devoted to the scientific background and the day-to-day applications of his research. Well resourced and filled with tables and graphs, this book guides you through the concepts of Biomarkers, the Free Radical Theory of Aging, Maximum Metabolic Efficiency, and Nutrient Density. It includes tests you can have done on yourself to evaluate your current physiological age. Looking at current long-lived populations, the book describes the research and attributes the longevity of the Japanese Okinawan people to this kind of life style. And it looks at the effect of The 120 Year Diet on arteriosclerosis, cancer, hypertension and stroke, diabetes and osteoporosis.

Supplementation, while a convenient way of achieving your Recommended Daily Requirements, and hence an easy way to maintain nutrient density, is not an advantageous alternative to a good diet. Yet Dr. Walford does discuss and recommend higher values of anti-oxidents than the RDA. Indeed, the government's basis on which the RDA recommendations are founded is given an in-depth and not always favorible critic. And the effect of exercise and the interplay between diet and exercise on longevity reveals a slightly different scenario than one might expect. More is not always better.

The chapter "notes" in The 120 Year Diet are much more informative than the "notes" in most poplular books, and should be read by those wanting a greater in-depth discussion of certain topics.

Dr. Walford cooking skills reveal themselves, for the latter part of the book contains food combinations and recipes with innovative low or no fat sauces, suggestions for a healthy larder, and tips from seasoning your foods to storing them. However, because these recipes are often time-consuming, this part of the book has been superceded by the next book, The Anti-Aging Plan.

"I cannot accept the way in which we fix the duration of our life" Montaigne

"My desire is to save them from nature." Christian Dior.

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